Privacy Policy

This policy outlines Malton Black Development Association’s (MBDA) commitment to respecting the privacy of personal information of individual persons and explains how we collect, use, protect and disclose personal information. This includes the personal information of donors, prospective donors, board members, volunteers, individuals who engage with us on community initiatives, and our staff. The purpose of this policy is to provide continued transparency and accountability within the organization. 

MBDA is a community-based organization that strives for lasting success through its relentless effort, goal driven innovations and progressive achievements. It was founded upon the need for betterment within the ‘Black’ community. Hence, it adopts and implements viable pre-established principles and practices that align with its goals and objectives. Members of MBDA are expected to act lawfully, respectfully, ethically, and in the best interest of the organization at all times. Ethical standards, principles and practices must be observed in order to maintain the integrity of the organization.

MBDA is committed to respecting all data collected about an “identifiable individual” for organizational purposes. This can mean information about your:

  • age, 
  • marital status,
  • education or employment history,
  • financial information,
  • views or opinions about you as a volunteer or member.

The below are some information which are not considered personal information:

  • Information that is not about an individual, because the connection with a person is too weak or far-removed (for example, a postal code)
  • Information about an organization such as a business.
  • Information that has been rendered anonymous, as long as it is not possible to link that data back to an identifiable person
  • Certain information about public servants such as their name, position and title
  • A person’s business contact information that an organization collects, uses or discloses for the sole purpose of communicating with that person in relation to their employment,business or profession.
  • The government of Canada may contact us for access to government information. 

All members are required to review the policies of the association on an annual basis.  It is the responsibility of each member to refrain from the misuse of data collected for use by the organization in any form.  Failure to comply with above policy will be deemed in breach of said policy and will be brought before the Board of Executive for conflict resolution. 


We obtain personal information about you lawfully and fairly. We collect, use or disclose your personal information with your permission, except where otherwise required or permitted by law.

Your permission may be expressed (orally, electronically or in writing) or may be implied (by an action or inaction). You may withdraw your permission to the use and disclosure of your personal information at any time. We will comply, subject to legal, contractual or technical restrictions. For example, if you ask to not receive any mail from us, we take steps to suppress donation requests or general information, but we will still mail you a tax receipt for a donation or send you a statement of your outstanding payments against your pledged donation. Due to printing and distribution schedules, you may continue to receive some communications that were in process before we received your request.


We maintain appropriate technical and organizational safeguards to protect your personal information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.  Access to your personal information is restricted to MBDA employees, agents and authorized service providers who need the information to fulfill the purpose for which the information was collected. 

Changes to this Privacy Policy

MBDA may at any time, without notice to you and in its sole discretion, amend this policy from time to time. The most current version of this Privacy Policy is found on MBDA’s website. Please review this policy periodically. MBDA staff can be contacted for questions or concerns via email at

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